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Amanaska LIVE
with Simon Lewis

Buddha Bar recording artist, Amanaska conjures up
a rich tapestry of sound and takes you on a captivating journey through the world of music, interweaving classical sounds with modern arrangements. These  performances combine live instruments with electronic elements to transport you where your imagination can roam free.

Tuesdays at 9pm

with Steph Papas

OneSpaceLove is a weekly program that delves into the questions of how we can live life authentically and intentionally.

In each episode, host Steph Papas is joined by a different guest, who intimately share their unique perspective on creativity, health & spirituality. Guests include local and international healers & artists.

Thursdays at 8pm

the Tradewinds

Following the Tradewinds  transports you to far off lands, time periods, and emotions. Each week, Justin charts a course through an eclectic mix of music – from classical to jazz, reggae to rock, blues to pop, world music to hip hop, bluegrass to electronic music. Tune in for music from around the world, featuring artists and tracks you likely never have heard before!

Sundays at 8pm

RadioByron LiveStream

listen local:
Radio byron

The Sound of
byron bay

Discover why this little radio station on the east cost of Australia has been growing in popularity…

Radio Byron began as a pirate radio station in beautiful Byron Bay and is fast becoming one of Australia’s most listened to radio stations. Radio Byron is run by locals and broadcasts online at radio byron dot com.

Tune in to Radio Byron for commercial free live streaming from the most-easterly station in Australia. With studios in Byron Bay, you can listen to the best music from around the world – plus, with live feeds from iconic venues, insider knowledge of the music scene and secret home-concerts – there’s always something happening. 

Radio Byron brings you an amazing line-up of artists and talent, handpicked from across the Shire. So whether you’re based in Mullumbimby, Melbourne or Milan, you can experience the best of The Bay everyday.

Thanks for tuning in!


Tune In, Cheer Up, Slow Down, Chill out.

Steph Papas

Steph Papas

Simon Lewis


Radio Byron is
listener curated radio

Radio Byron is 100% COMMERCIAL-FREE.  

That means no annoying ads or sponsorship announcements to get in the way of your listening pleasure. We are listener-supported & listener-curated radio. 

With multiple options for  high-quality streaming, you can take us anywhere. The Radio Byron smartphone app also gives you access to special features from our broadcast team, making this the best ticket to  entertainment in Byron Bay.

Our newsletter gives you access to the articles and special music features, podcasts, music downloads, and a backstage pass to the exciting music scene in Byron Bay and beyond.

Thank you for listening!

Join Our Newsletter and get informed of special broadcasts and live events with musicians, storytellers
and creative producers from around the world!

If you are interested in presenting your own show on Radio Byron, either as a one-off, or as a daily or weekly experience, we invite you to put in an application and we will get to work & get you on-air.  All you need is any ice-cast compatible software or plug-in and you can connect to our robust back-end software and run your show from anywhere in the world. We also offer the technical ability to have up to four presenters live on-air together, all broadcasting from different remote locations. When you sign up, you will receive a link to our tutorial videos that show you everything you need to know to get on-air.  Our online classes on How to Make Great Radio provides best practices and training to help you develop your audio production skills and techniques.  It’s a great way to develop your radio content and build your skills as a creative audio producer.  Not only is it free to be a presenter on Radio Byron, we can also hook you up with a donation button on your show page to create your own side-income. We want to help you develop the skills to produce creative audio and storytelling with a human connection – we can’t wait to hear what you have to share on Byron Bay radio.
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